Tips for Using Video to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign.

I was watching a webinar hosted by Social Media Examiner on their 2011 Social Media Marketing Report and they stated,  “A significant 77% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube and video marketing, making it the top area marketers will invest in for 2011.” I was a bit surprised by that number, but it definitely makes sense. Videos have the potential to make any marketing campaign more attractive. They take less time than reading, they are entertaining to watch, they are cost effective, and can provide tools such as live face to face customer support.

Have you thought about doing a video, but hesitated to start because you didn’t where exactly to start? Below are a few great ideas on how you can add videos into your social media marketing campaign:

  • Create a “behind the scenes” series. This can be anything from showing people how a certain product is made from start to finish or what it is like in that day of a certain employee. It’s a great way to begin increasing/building trust with current consumers and new consumers because it puts a human side to your company. Companies and people are more likely to do business with other companies that they have an emotional connection with.
  • Showcase your case studies. This is a creative and fresh way to present your company’s capabilities and will increase consumer engagement. People are more likely to hit play on a video than read a case study that will take them 10 or more minutes.
  • Use video as an external communicator. Create videos to announce company events and changes. You can also go a little outside of the box and make client appreciation videos. This will definitely deepen any existing client relationship. Everyone likes to be acknowledged.
  • Use videos as a training tool. This is great for internal and external purposes. You can train your internal team on social media and other company changes by using video. This is great for increasing engagement and generating some excitement about the new changes. You can use video to teach customers how to use whatever you are offering or answer frequently asked questions. For example, if you are offering social media marketing to your clients you can create “How To” videos for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. This way your client doesn’t have to call you every time they forget how to do something and they can get the help they need immediately.
  • Show off your leadership team. Tape short segments interviewing your company’s leaders and their thoughts on current industry issues/concerns. This is a great way for consumers to see how your company is forward thinking and credible.

As you can see there are plenty of different ways that a company can incorporate videos into their marketing campaign. While finding ways to use video is important, companies also need to take a look at what they are putting out there. No one wants to watch a boring video on why they should use a certain company’s product or service. The strongest videos are those that have a take away where the consumer gains something from watching the video. For example, a video teaching consumers how to do something or insight on a new tool that just hit the market. These videos are useful and have a long shelf life.

Check out one of the many videos that Blendtec made promoting their product. It’s great because it shows off how well the product works without directly saying “Hey! Buy our product.” and has the entertainment value that had people talking about it.

Have you created a video for your company? If not, it’s time to get moving!



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